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Today’s winners..

Some amusing stories and links that kept me preoccupied today.

This clip makes the Russian Roulette scene in the Deer Hunter look like a game of Crazy Eights. Check out what these dudes are willing to go through to decide who’s the tongue twister master.


Just caught this facinating trailer for 49 Up, a British documentary coming out this fall. Apparently the production company has been producing a doc on the same group of kids every seven years since they were all seven. If math serves me correctly, this will be the 7th film as the group has now reached age 49.

It’s full of flashbacks from when they were kids talking about what they wanted to be, if they would get married, where they would live, followed by present-day hits. A lot of the subjects appear to be in far different circumstances then they imagined 42 years earlier.

CBC tried to do this back in the 60’s with a handfull of famillies from different regions of Canada, but they eventually pulled the plug on it before it got interesting. 

Anyhow, I hope it makes it into theatres for more than a weekend, because I’ll be busy watching the Trailer Park Boys movie Oct. 6. Woot! 

Hilton's German GQ coverThere’s nothing like reading about a good train wreck to pull you through Tuesday. Word around the world is that Paris Hilton should have stuck with home made porn since her singing career seems to be going down the shitter.

Album sales of her self-titled debut album failed to break the 100,000 mark –  something that even Hootie can do in his sleep — sans Blowfish. Sometimes a limited promotional tour can help a struggling album gain momentum, but it’s unlikely that Ms. Hilton will be hitting the road any time soon. Apparently she ignored advice to take voice lessons, practice choreography and pick up an instrument in case she ever actually had to perform live.

It’s for the best though, the UN is already busy with the whole Mideast crisis thing and it would be a shame for her to distract them by taking her potential crimes against humanity tour on the road.

TPB TCB bitches

The new trailer for the feature Trailer Park Boys Movie snuck online without me knowing — I don’t even know when. Anyway, it kicks ass, even though it sounds like there’s going to be some Rush on the soundtrack (Rush sucks).

Ivan Reitman is producing and it shows. It seems to have more polish than the show, which is more or less entirely shot on steady cam. It’s true, that’s what adds a lot of appearl to the show, but I don’t want to go through another Blair Witch big screen nausea fest when I’m enjoying my favourite reprobates later this fall. Can’t wait until Oct. 6. Woot!


Deliver us from Nelly…

I’ve been listening to J Dilla’s “The Shining” for the past few weeks and all I can think is how I wish this album had dropped back in the spring so I wouldn’t have had to spend the last three months listening to Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous” and Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”. Don’t get me wrong, I love pop fluff as much as the next guy, but having this as an option would have saved me a few ear cavities.

The other unfortunate thing is that it’s a posthumous release. Dilla died back in February after a battle with Lupous. He put this album together as a legacy and brought in guys like Common, Madlib and Black Thought (of the Roots) to collaborate.

The name might not seem familiar, but that’s because he spent a lot of time in the booth producing hits for Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Roots and Talib Kweli.

The Shining combines real old school beats with intricate melody samples and rhymes from some of today’s hottest hip hop and R n’ B talents. Although it’s sad to think he won’t be giving us hits anymore, at least Dilla left us with one last treat.

J Dilla

Halifax Pop Explosion has released a partial lineup for this year’s festival and I gotta say, it’s not looking explosive — more like snap, crackle, pop. Sure, Joel Plaskett is good, but he plays there every weekend.

We are Wolves, Jon-rae the River and Great Lake Swimmers are also pretty good, but I’ve seen them all before and I’m not sure I want to get on a plane for a night of mediocre indie-pop.Past festivals have included headliners like Arcade Fire, Ted Leo, Yo La Tango and more local favourites like Sloan, North of America and Flashing Lights.

I know the scene’s grown in the 8 years that I’ve been gone, and some of those bands don’t really exist anymore, but that doesn’t make the current lineup and less lackluster.So, as it stands, I won’t be buying the get-you-in-anywhere Gold Pass just yet. However, this is only a “partial” list, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that means some better acts will soon be added.

I’ve been living in the fine ghetto of Parkdale for about a month now and I’ve slowly been getting used to the place. That is until yesterday evening when I was walking up Cowan St. and looked down to see a horrified face looking up at me from the sidewalk [pictured below]. I nearly crapped my pants I was so scared [not pictured]. I suppose some cracked-out hippy thought embedding these monstrosities into the concrete was a nice way to spice up the front of the old junkie den, but I have to disagree.

In any case, this pretty much represents my Parkdale experience thus far — that is — as soon as I start to feel at home in the new hood, some freak occurance makes me questions why I moved to the ghetto. I guess it’s not that bad a place, I just need more time to appreciate it. Still, I’m not walking up Cowan anymore.

In the ghetto

Today’s winners

I know, it’s not even noon, but I’ve already found a fantastic crop of winners. I guess I’ll add more if waste as much time this afternoon.

Leave the Segway “Human Transporter to the meter maids. Sign me up for the Cruzin Cooler “Awesome Maker”.

One of my wildest dreams just came true thanks to this brilliant combination of innovation and design. I normally walk around with beers on me at all times. Problem is, they’re often warm by the time I need them. Also, I’m walking. This motorized cooler satisfies both issues at the same time AND makes you look cooler than Ja Rule.

Still no word on whether these will be street-legal in T-dot. All the same, I just ordered a fleet for me and my doggs. Holla.