Off to market, mother…

Finally got a chance to start organinzing the new blog. Made some changes to the right column and header. Looking forward to adjusting background and toying with CSS.

In other news, now that I’ve got a new George Foreman grill, I thought it was time to load up the fridge with some meat. I hit St. Lawrence market and came home with a freezer full of sausage, lamb, ground beef and chops. I’d cook some now if it wasen’t for that huge pea meal sandwhich I picked up while I was there.

Anyway, it’s nice to be cooking on a grill again instead of using the fry pan. I know it’s not a BBQ, but it’s better than stove top. Besides, bbqs don’t last all that long in the backyard here in the ghetto — unless you want to buy it back from the street toughs on the corner every other day.

Anyway, I just saw the trailer for 13 Tzameti and boy is it a shocker. Have a look and I doubt you’ll be turning the lights out tonight if you do.


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