The ghetto will eat you alive

I’ve been living in the fine ghetto of Parkdale for about a month now and I’ve slowly been getting used to the place. That is until yesterday evening when I was walking up Cowan St. and looked down to see a horrified face looking up at me from the sidewalk [pictured below]. I nearly crapped my pants I was so scared [not pictured]. I suppose some cracked-out hippy thought embedding these monstrosities into the concrete was a nice way to spice up the front of the old junkie den, but I have to disagree.

In any case, this pretty much represents my Parkdale experience thus far — that is — as soon as I start to feel at home in the new hood, some freak occurance makes me questions why I moved to the ghetto. I guess it’s not that bad a place, I just need more time to appreciate it. Still, I’m not walking up Cowan anymore.

In the ghetto


  1. cuzoogle

    at least you have west indian foods right there and of course the gate has the best 3 dollar breakfast going.

  2. The Gate? Really? One look and I say “Ew”. Maybe worth a try. But general RE: the Ghetto, you can’t eat if you’re dead.

  3. Google is the best search engine

  4. Robert

    The gates breakfast /VOMIT/ dont even bother…around the drake a 2.99$ breakfast is served in a more food realted place

    The ghetto does suck…I am at king and dufferin “elmgrove” And holy shit does it suck…Hookers knocking at my back yard door “had to climb 3 fences” to offer me 10$$ blow job…”2nd vomit”..”I would move but Ive been saving to move from toronto altogether”
    Little wiggers outside the king and dufferin shooting off there guns at each other and slandering the working passers by “myself included while I walk to my night job” …I am becoming so bloody jaded..

    I still try to smile at strangers and say hello but yea…

    The ghetto is eating me alive aswell!!

    Stay strong and try to ignore the negativity.

  5. sidd

    i live a block away from king and dufferin. and i’m about to break lease and move.

    one shot and killed on christmas eve 2006, another shooting a week or so ago. i live in a crack head building, full of serious fucked up crack heads with crack head loser toothless hicktard landlord, who STILL have not given me a goddamned livingroom fixture or screens to my windows. yeah, not that bad, but annoying non the less.

    the homeless on the corner outside the hasty market will not hesitate to get in your face or call you a jew or even grab your arm when you say you dont have any change, anyone really asks for something… smokes, change, etc. and i say no, and i get someone in my face.

    i’ve nearly been jumped twice, once in broad daylight. i love watching wierdos pick through and pee in the dumpster outside my building or try to break into the mailboxes outfront.

    my last breakfast at the gate, had eggshells and unidentified gooey things everywhere.

    everyone here is fucked up and fucking stupid. i can’t fucking take it anymore…

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