Surprise, surprise. Paris Hilton — not so “hot”

Hilton's German GQ coverThere’s nothing like reading about a good train wreck to pull you through Tuesday. Word around the world is that Paris Hilton should have stuck with home made porn since her singing career seems to be going down the shitter.

Album sales of her self-titled debut album failed to break the 100,000 mark –  something that even Hootie can do in his sleep — sans Blowfish. Sometimes a limited promotional tour can help a struggling album gain momentum, but it’s unlikely that Ms. Hilton will be hitting the road any time soon. Apparently she ignored advice to take voice lessons, practice choreography and pick up an instrument in case she ever actually had to perform live.

It’s for the best though, the UN is already busy with the whole Mideast crisis thing and it would be a shame for her to distract them by taking her potential crimes against humanity tour on the road.


  1. michael

    here here! lets rid the world of paris hilton.

    although it must give a lot of people hope that they too can be a star.

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