Hindsight is better on the big screen

Just caught this facinating trailer for 49 Up, a British documentary coming out this fall. Apparently the production company has been producing a doc on the same group of kids every seven years since they were all seven. If math serves me correctly, this will be the 7th film as the group has now reached age 49.

It’s full of flashbacks from when they were kids talking about what they wanted to be, if they would get married, where they would live, followed by present-day hits. A lot of the subjects appear to be in far different circumstances then they imagined 42 years earlier.

CBC tried to do this back in the 60’s with a handfull of famillies from different regions of Canada, but they eventually pulled the plug on it before it got interesting. 

Anyhow, I hope it makes it into theatres for more than a weekend, because I’ll be busy watching the Trailer Park Boys movie Oct. 6. Woot! 


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