ABC: All Bullshit and Contrived

I have to get serious for one minute here, then it’s back to good times and beer. Last night and Sunday’s installments of the “Path to 9/11” TV movie on ABC were total bullshit. They bended the truth and re-wrote facts to make their story more dramatic and fit in their tight primetime slot.

I don’t normally support complaints from big companies — or Hillary Clinton for that matter — but the innacuracies American Airlines points out in its protest against its portrayal in the movie represent some serious deceptions on the part of the production.

I’m surprised they didn’t re-route the doomed flights to tropical islands to create four Lost spin-offs.

This only happened five years ago, so the facts are too fresh and well-documented to manipulate for the sake of better TV.

That’s just my opinion though. But you can watch it online and decide for yourself.



  1. cuzoogle

    sing it beer baron!

  2. runaway

    I thought you were only going to overwrite “Woot” and “WTF” on photos from now on? What gives?

  3. read the first sentence jagoff

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