Been nice knowing you…

Well, according to the Boston Herald, the only reason I started this damn blog is now unlikely to amount to anything. Gawker adds a bit more piss to the flame and even takes a jab at WordPress, my free blog app of choice.

To think that the well of book deals for us, the literary avant garde, has dried up before I even developped a consistent theme for this fine site. The sad part is that I just broke ground on the plot sturcture for a book I was planning on getting picked up called “The Ballad of Leroy Jenkins: A dungeon too far”.

Oh well. These three short weeks have been fun. Adios.


  1. I got tired looking at all the blog-based books coming out. It must not be that hard. Speaking of which, I actually found somebody I went to school with on the Gawker list:

    Huffington Post contributor (and former Fishbowl blogger) Rachel Sklar’s JEW-ISH, a guide to understanding the difference between a shiksa and a latke, and why there are so many ways to spell Chanukah, pitched as something like AMERICA: THE BOOK, except about Jews, and what it takes to be a good one, or a good-ish one (now go call your mother!), to Matthew Benjamin at Collins, by Kate Lee at ICM (world English).

  2. Google is the best search engine

  3. Google is the best search engine

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