You know you’re living in the Ghetto when…

Locals use newspapers for tourniquets instead of reading material. Of course I guess it’s best that this guy didn’t bleed to death on the sidewalk. I just wish he would have been more cooperative with the police so I wouldn’t have had to sit on a streetcar outside the bar for 15 minutes while he refused to divulge who shanked him/

The whole thing raises a good question, however. That is, which of Toronto’s four dailies is most absorbent: The Star, the Sun, the Gobe or the Post? You have to keep in mind that the Globe and the Post don’t publish on Sundays, so if they were used, it would have been the Saturday editions.

If anyone manages to get to the bottom of this one, let me know and I’ll start a public service campaign for my neigborhood. Who knows, it could even help the  lucky winner’s sagging circulation in the Ghetto.


  1. cuzoogle

    what about the subway paper, the Metro or even Now!

    those are always blowing around in the streets like tumbleweeds.

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