Sex and the Ghetto

In “I did not know that” news, it turns out that Canadian Sexpert — and total MILF — Josey Vogels has been living in the Ghetto for years. She says the neighbourhood reminds her of her last home in Montreal. Funny, I’ve been to Montreal and I don’t recall any neighbourhoods that look like a set for Escape from New York.

In any case, it’s nice to know that there’s at least one minor-celeb in the hood that I have a chance to not make eye-contact with as I’m coming or going. Not that there was any lack of sex in the ghetto before Vogel arrived six years ago. If you were to count the rings on the hookers that maintain office space outside my house most nights, you’d realize that Parkdale has been adequately serviced for decades. Well…adequately by hobo standards.


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