Torn up over Stronach-gate

meandbelinda.jpgHell hath no fury like a Maritime boy’s grudge. That’s what Belinda Stronach and the Liberal caucus learned yesterday when Nova Scotia MP Peter MacKay alledgedly, indirectly referred to his former g-friend as a “dog” in Parliament.

Now as a fellow East Coaster who’s lost many a love under dubious circumstances, I can sympathize with Peter. But geez, when you’re the Minister of Foreign Affairs and sitting in the House of Commons, you gotta bury those dirty New Glascow roots and take the high road.

Also, I’m totally in love with Belinda and pray for the day that I become Mr. Stronach. At least this new scandal will ensure that there’ll be a ton of new photos of her circulating the dailies. Woot!


  1. cuzoogle

    just for you my friend

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