Let them strip! Let them strip!

BluenoseShocking news out of the East Coast. It seems somebody is trying to open a strip joint in downtown Lunenburg. Well, that’s kind of overstating it. Lunenburg doesn’t really have a “downtown” per se. It’s more like a pub, a coffee shop and a few tourist shops where you can buy fake seagull shit.

Being an old-school, conservative outport community, the town has vowed to fight the development.
I’m just surprised that someone actually thinks it’s a good idea to open a peeler bar in downtown Lunenburg. Where’s the talent going to come from (have you seen South Shore girls!?) and who would go? If you’ve ever been to the picturesque little seaside town, you’ll know that Lunenburg is populated mostly by seniors and out-of-work fisherman. It’s no secret that a few packed tour busses can easily double and sometimes triple the local population. Lunenburg’s already known for the Bluenose. There’s no room for Blueboobs.

Then again, I’m a fan of tits. I’m curious to see how this one plays out.


  1. cuzoogle

    too funny, I read about that last night and almost blogged it. Picturing a strippers there is funny

  2. Katie

    Maybe what Lunenburg really needs is some Chippendale dancers. Yeah.

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