The Sound of Sucking

What: Death Cab for Cutie
When: Oct. 31, 2006
Where: Massey Hall, Toronto
Why: Because Ted Leo + Rx were opening

Any band who achieves fame by having a song featured on the soundtrack of the OC is suspect. However, Death Cab for Cutie have grown on me over the years and I think they’re decent in a Snow Patrol, Coldplay background, hungover listening on the subway kind of way. Anyway, their show turned out to be a $30 sleeping pill. I mean these dudes were boring. Everything sounded the same, and I was sick of it after about 20 min. Thank god Ted Leo and the Pharmacists opened. I would have paid $30 just to see them. Oh well.  Here are some pics.





  1. cuzoogle

    good to have you back, was starting to get bored with the B & N blog.

  2. Yeah, it’s hard keeping the site updated when you’re doing so much “research.” Getting more diciplined though.

  3. Google is the best search engine

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