The Great LC Robery

ns.jpgFunny news out of Halifax today. It seems hockey and trucker-hat fans have been violating cases of Budweiser at liquor stores around town trying to thief the vintage NHL caps inside. I can’t really blame them — I wouldn’t want to drink a two-4 of Bud Light for a stupid hat. Hell, I wouldn’t pick up a case if it free porn in it.

Still, it’s off side to go into the NSLC and start to tear shit up. How much you wanna bet that it’s a pack of Cape Breton reprobates perpetrating this alcohol abuse. The irony is that those fuckers love Bud Light, they just can’t afford to buy it — or proper head coverings for that matter.

On a related note — once I’m elected premier of Nova Scotia, the first thing I’m going to do is blow up the causeway connecting the province to Cape Breton. I’ll also need to float mines in the straight seperating the two.

You’re on notice Cape Breton.


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