Candidates find holes in the grounds…still looking for asses

“Why I wanna be Parkdale’s city councillor,” by the Parkdale candidates

I want to be councillor so I can make Parkdale more eco-friendly and TTC accesible…

WTF!?! These candidates are delusional! They should be talking about making the ghetto less axe-murder friendly and crack-accessible. Sheeesh. Of course, this all-candidates profile was published in NOW — the pinkest, commie-est magazine in the land. (They’re probably still blaming Parkdale street crime on Ernie Eves and Mike Harris.)

Trust me, when I go to the polls next week, I’ll be looking from some who’s anti-junkie attacks — not pro-pretty green space.


  1. Hey Ya!

    -Fellow ghetto trash Cathy and Mat.

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