Time for a career move

d70s-press.jpgNow that I’ve got a decent camera, it’s time to make the move to softcore porn photography. That’s right, I just picked up a Nikon D70s — my first digital SLR. I’m also trying out some awesome lenses which may also join the collection. It’s got a lot of buttons and menus that my little point-and-shoot doesn’t, but I’ll figure them out. I guess I really just need to find the one that makes the clothes come off.

In any case, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a while, and now that I have the right equipment, I think it’s time to start shooting the ladies. I’m going to get started this weekend. Hoefully, in a few months, I’ll be able to take shots of sloots who actually know they’re on camera. Woot!


  1. cuzzy

    nice I have always wanted an SLR

    guess I will have to wait til I leave the NS so I can afford one.

  2. Sawatzky will always take his clothes off for you, camera or no. Was that what you were hoping for?

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