Calgary enters crisis mode

A chicken wing shortage in Calgary is forcing pub owners to raise the price of the barroom staple — and even worse — cancel wing nights altogether.

One desperate pub is soldiering on, but is limiting customers to 20 wings per sitting. If you ask me that’s like telling a guy to drive you home, but he’s only allowed to stop at one red light along the way — eventually he’s gonna get fucked up and pissed.

It’s always the beer drink that are hit hardest in times of crisis like these. Chicken wings are like my Achilles’ heel — easy to find and totally incapacitating if they hit the spot.

Cross your fingers that the shortage doesn’t travel east. In the meantime, I’m selling frozen wings for $50 a box on Craigstlist Calgary.


  1. cuzoogle

    Alberta posts $5.4-billion surplus, spending millions on projects

    I guess chicken wing production is not one of them

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