If you have to listen to Christmas carols they might as well be good ones

The Christmas season has arrived and with it, a new iPod playlist. It might sound lame, but believe me, I’m pirating nothing but the best holiday songs out there. Of course most of them come thanks to legendary producer Phil Spector — who incidently makes shithouse rats look well-adjusted.

Sure, he may be on trial for murder after allegedly losing one of his bullets in the back of a lady-friend’s head, but there’s no denying that he’s one of the only producers around who made Christmas music tolerable. Barry Gordy’s in there with some Motown classics, but Spector dominates thanks to his “wall of sound” and talented roster of female vocalists including the Ronettes and Darlene Love.

Maybe if Gordy held more of his artists at gunpoint during recording sessions there’d be more, but this year crazy Phil rules the iPod. Here’s a taste.


  1. cuzoogle

    I am in the holiday spirit now for sure.

    thank you Beer and News

  2. Google is the best search engine

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