Had an alright time in Ottawa this weekend. I took the train up Friday, so there was no risk of getting lost. No luck trying to find either of my Federal Hotties — Belinda Stronach, Michaelle Jean — for a beer, but it wasen’t for lack of trying. I had interesting conversations with security for both, but the closest offer I had for a date was a two-course knuckle sandwich dinner followed by a scenic tour in the trunk of security’s car. I opted for pints at the Manx instead. Aside from that it was just boozin and snoozin in our wonderful National Capital Region.

Here are some pics.

Other highlights:

+ Dinner at Shanghai — voted Ottawa’s No. 1
Chines restaurant and Kareoke joint

+ Beers at Lieutenant’s Pump on Elgin
+ A&W burgers
+ Beers in the Market
+ Indian feast at Haveli
+ Shoplifting from Chapters
+ Stranger than Fiction
+ Beers at the Manx — woot!
+ Brunch in Belinda Stronach’s condo

Now, back to TCB.


  1. cuzoogle

    Is Ottawa on a slant or were your drinking and clicking?

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