What do you do with an idiot premier? (sung to annoying Celtic beat)

My suspicions about rookie Nova Scotia premier Rodney MacDonald have been confirmed: he’s a total douchebag. This week’s issue of the Coast has a pretty in-depth article on the rotten tactics he used to win the party leadership and the inept leadership he’s displayed so far.

Basically, he manipulated the delegate system to get elected. And so far, he’s launched a number of useless money-wasting programs, appointed friends to high-paying government jobs and done something to make his wife kick him out of the house. I’m not surprised, he’a a Cape Bretoner after all. I guess I’m disappointed in my Nova Scotia peeps for letting a tool like this in the premier’s office. He used to be a gym teacher for chrissake!

Here’s a pic of Rodney MacDonald shaking hands with out-going premier John Hamm.

Rodney MacDonald, John Hamm


  1. cuzoogle

    I guess that means you won’t be coming back anytime soon?

    Steve Murphy wanted to get liquored with the Woot king.

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