Hubris is a bitch

Steven Soderbergh
Acclaimed film director Steven Soderbergh was probably more than a little surprised this weekend when his latest flick got a less than warm response at a special New York screening. It seems the crowd thought the film was less an hommage to Cold War-era film noire than a blattant rip-off of some of the genre’s best-known works. Not known for being passive aggressive, the NYC crowd let him have it with boos and sarcastic questions during the Q&A.

I don’t normally care about film reviews enough to write about them, but I’m taking quite a bit of pleasure in the hostility being directed towards Soderbergh. The guy had a good career going with solid movies like Out of Sight, The Limey and Traffic. Then he became buddies with George Clooney and Brad Pitt and did what any of us did when the cool kids paid attention to us in high school — pretend you’re not smart and akwardly try to act cooler than you are.

Shit-flicks like Ocean’s Eleven, Solaris, Full Frontal and Ocean’s Twelve are the cinematic equivalent of getting stoned behind the dumpster with jock assholes after school. And the rude New York crowd is basically his former band of nerd buddies [perhaps played by Steve Buscemi and David Lynch?] confronting him saying, “What happened to you man? We never used to care about what those jerks thought.”

I’m looking forward to Act 3 where we find out if dipshit ditches the jocks and hunkers down for finals, or sticks with the cool guys and ends up making Breakfast at Tiffany’s III starring Lindsay Lohan.

Of course, the fact that Ocean’s Thirteen is in pre-production is not a good omen.


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