Off to market mother…

St. Lawrence Market

The St. Lawrence Market is home to one of the world’s best hangover removers — the peameal bacon sandwich. Also known as a back-bacon sandwich, this snack offers the perfect blend of grease, flavor and sustenance. I take mine on kaiser with fried onions, pickle and sweet mustard. Sausage King offers the best one. Their counter staff is fast and quiet — no time for chit chat with a lineup of hungover warriors waiting.

No pictures because there isn’t a shutter speed fast enough to capture it after it’s unwrapped and ready. Best to make it down to the market yourself and try to catch them in their natural habitat. Before you know it, your hangover will be gone and you’ll be ready to install a new one. Woot.

Here are some other highlights from today’s excursion:

+ Kozlick’s Blond Mustard — homemade with Leffe beer
+ Meat: lamb, chicken, sausage
+ Dim Sum dumplings
+ Tons of slooots wrapped in gore-tex and denim
+ Chicken wings
+ Morbiere cheese
+ Beer: 4xStella, 4XGrolsh

I win.


  1. I see you’ve got the fancy camera working – nice pics. I’m impressed you can make it to somewhere so busy on a hangover, but the food does seem worth it.

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