Flamers get Swedes’ goat

Sweden is asking its arsonists to please not torch a national symbol of the holiday season. It seems each year the nation’s firebugs take sport in trying to torch the Gavle Goat — a giant decorative goat made out of straw that stands in the middle of town.


The Swedes used to believe this goat delivered toys before they adopted the more commercial-friendly Kris Kringle mythology, so I guess this is their version of a mall Santa. This year they used flame retardant hay and installed a Web cam so vigilant townsfolk can keep an eye on their unholy pagan idol.

Still, my money’s on the torchers. You know what they say — a giant straw goat has to be lucky all the time, arsonists just have to be lucky once.

At least we don’t have to worry about the Swedes going out like the Trojans. Suck on it, Spartans!


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