Santa’s got back

Santa’s Butt
Here’s an interesting story that’s been brewing in New England over the past week. A British microbrewery’s attempt to market a holiday beer that features Santa Clause on the label in Maine has backfired and resulted in an all-out ban. Ridgeway Brewing’s Santa’s Butt beer has been yanked off shelves across the state, while New York state — and possibly others — is threatening to do the same.

The reason? Opponents feel it will encourage underage drinking (original, no?). It’s actually become a civil rights issue with state rights groups challenging the ban in court. After all, if it’s OK for Santa to be used to sell Coca-Cola, M&M’s and crappy over-priced toys to kids, why can’t a little brewery use the same imagery to promote a seasonal beer among adults?

I’ll bet if Norman Rockwell had painted the illustration back in the day it would be on a fucking stamp right now. Oh well. Yanks wouldn’t know a good beer if it picked them up and screwed them in the bathroom — this just means more for me. Woot!


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