Sad news for FHM fans —  the magazine’s parent company in the UK is shutting down the U.S. edition. The March edition, which is currently under production, will be the last one to hit stands. You’ll still be able to pick up the UK edition at most newstands, but who wants to pay and $5+ when you get T&A that’s equal or better in Maxim.

Apparently that’s been the problem all along. Despite offering the same tits, asses and iffy men’s lifestyle content, FHM was never able to get a foothold against Maxim in North America, so after 6 years, they’ve decided to give up.

Not that I care. These mags are really just for young dudes in college and high school who still think Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are hot. Once you’re old enough to afford your own Internet connection you won’t them anymore. You will, however, need more free time and kleenex.


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