Beer can = Next best thing to BJ

‘Tis the season for nativity scenes, and it you’re like me, your collection of plastic Baby Jesuses (Jesi?) is getting bigger by the day.

Normally I just take the little saviour and off I go, but some manger plunderers elsewhere in North America pay the courtesy of leaving something in exchange. For example, a group of pagens in Plaistow, N.H. left an empty beer can. However, it seems it was only a temporary trade since the “borrowed” Baby Jesus (BJ) was later returned with some devil horns added to his head.

Interesting technique. However, when I get a BJ, I normally don’t intend to return it. I like my BJs in a special room. I call it the BJ room. Personally, I thinks it’s classier than having a BJ in a manger on your front lawn. But that’s just me. Woot.


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