This is just something I have to do…

I wouldn’t normally recommend making the trip to Halifax in February when it’s as unpleasant as a sheep at a Cape Breton stag party, but this world record attempt sounds like a great opportunity.

It’s going to take 3800 brave souls to topple the Aussie record-holders and I feel I have the stamina and wisdom needed to help lead us to victory.  Plus I hate Australia.

Let me know if there are any other takers out there.


  1. cuzoogle

    as of now I am working til 9pm that night

    will keep you updated

  2. Chris McD

    I dunno if you’ve get around to reading this, but I’m strongly considering doing the crawl.

    ps. Good seeing you over the break!

  3. Update (if you even read this stuff): I bought tickets to the pubcrawl, and am going on crawl #6. Not sure if there are any tickets left, though…

  4. Google is the best search engine

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