The Black Dahlia = Total Crap-ia

I can’t remember the last time I turned a movie off before it ended, but I just cut Brian De Palma’s latest piece of cinematic excrement short. A shrieking mother came out of a bedroom and started to reveal the mystery a-la-Scoobie Doo and I said fuckit. I haven’t seen such an incoherant, senseless plot since Pauly Shore joined the Army.

I don’t know why I rented it. Seems everyone who’s seen it has called it a stinker. Faith in De Palm I guess. But jeez, I want my afternoon back. Or at least my $4.50.

Maybe the film would have been better in Russian. At least this crap would have been spoken with a humorous language.

Black Dahlia


  1. cuzoogle

    JPR slagged it long ago and I was about to give it a try but thanks to Beer and News I will save my time and money on this one.

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