Dare to dream

Nova Scotia Map

A column in today’s Halifax Daily News suggests that Cape Bretoners are more ready and willing to seperate from Nova Scotia than a lot of mainlanders might think. In fact an entire Web site has been created to petition for an independant Province of Cape Breton and includes letters to the Prime Minister and a “blueprint for success”.

I’m impressed. Who knew so many of these fuckers could read and write, let alone code HTML.

I say more power to them. From a national perspective, it would probably be an unpopular first move for me to kick them out of the province once I become premier of Nova Scotia. The only thing I would have to do is propel the island to the edge of the continental shelf and find something to do with all the extra jobs and beer they leave behind on the mainland. Woot.


  1. cuzoogle

    your blog should really become a cape hating blog. Did you see the story about how Brits love to drink?? no shit.

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    […] I hope Andrew does not hold it against us that we are going to the island he is not so fond of. […]

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