Toy cops foiled by YouTube

A couple of security guards at a downtown Toronto LCBO [liquor store] have been busted beating up a shoplifter after a video of the incident appeared on YouTube. Judging by the clip, the two wannabe cops were undercover in plain clothes, so it looked like a random beating going on outside the shop. On-lookers were confused by the scene, albeit apathetic enough not to call real cops to intervene.

LCBO security guards are now required to wear suitable uniforms so that shoplifters know know they’re being dog-piled by Police Academy rejects, not random buzz-killers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pro-crime, just anti-toy cop. These dicks are not accountable to the public in the same way real cops are, so the consequeces for them are less severe when stuff likes this goes down. That means they’re more trigger happy with mace and un-warranted beat-downs. Dicks.

Here’s the clip:


  1. paul

    Man, you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about do you?

  2. m

    no, he doesn’t have a clue at all. it’s easy to point a finger when you only see half of an incident.

  3. james

    accountability for an issue like this is equal across the board. cops, security, public. Its called the criminal code of Canada. Before you start shooting off opinions, why dont you take a look at it? Cause anyone famaliar with it is laughing at your opinion right now. Oh and the fact that this specific issue was covered by media from local to national… well let me put it this way. They’re force to be accountable, they’re completely in the clear, and you just sound like a moron. But thats for the laugh, I needed that ;)

  4. Mike

    Eventhough, the shoplifter stole a bottle or what have you, what took theses stupid secucity jerk offs so long to apply handcuff restraints to take control of this individual. In the video it shows these wanna be “relax” type of guys, all the time in the world to contol this man.

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