N.S. politics get interesting — finally

It’s been hard to take Nova Scotia politics serioulsy ever since former-Phys Ed teacher and total spaz Rodney MacDonald became premier. He’s made so many rookie mistakes so early on that it’s starting to look like he’s running a high school model parliament.

The gaffs may have finally caught up to him though — the province’s public accounts committee in charge of monitoring government spending is investigating some loans his government issued. Until now, Rodney has rebuffed anyone who’s tried to obtain details about the loans, but this committee has some teeth since it upholds the laws as they pertain to provincial spending.

One was for Magic Valley Fun Park, an amusment park owned by friends of former premier John Hamm which is neither magical or fun.

The other controversial loan was made to a potato farm that was leasing land from one of MacDonald’s cabinet ministers. The minister — Ernie Fage — eventually resigned over this obvious conflict of interest only to be granted another cabinet post during the next shuffle.

Not to worry, Mr. Fage recently resigned again after being accused of smelling like booze while fleeing the scene of a traffic accident. Police are now investigating that.

I know this is all very boring, but it’s scandals like these that are going to make my bid for the Premier’s Office a total cakewalk.

Here’s video of Mr. Fage’s alleged fleeing:


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