Latest cause celebre: Beer, Sleeping Pills a good mix

I’ve been saying this for years, but now that using drugs and alcohol to cope with stress has received a celebrity endorsement, I’m confident it will finally be accepted by the mainstream.

Former Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton says there’s nothing wrong with mixing beer and sleeping pills to take the edge off of dealing with work and family. The soon-to-be-forgotten sitcom star — and total MILF — said the cocktail was also very helpful when it came to dealing with recent holiday stress.

Fuck yoga, chamomile and Chicken Soup for the Whatever. I’ve always felt that self-medicating with booze and high-powered sedatives is the best way to deal with children and annoying co-workers. In fact, I’m jacked on Calsberg and NyQuil right now. Just make sure you’re not around later this afternoon when I start to come down — daddy’s gonna be a little loonie ’till he gets home for his scotch and percocet.



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