When the cat’s away… the mouse ends up working like a motherfuck

The boss was out of the office today, so I thought that would mean a whole day of catching up on updates here. Unfortunately, I got slammed harder than the door behind your mother when I kicked her out da crib last night.

Good thing I didn’t go out drinking like I was supposed to. A lot of innocent people would be crying under their desks right now. Anyway, here’s one that came to me on the subway this morning when Queens of the Stone Age shuffled onto the ipod. It’s from an appearance on the Craig Kilborn Show — one of the best talk show ever, except for the last two seasons when Kilby fell off. The only thing missing is Dave Grohl on drums, but he had his own thing going on with this show, so it’s cool.

In case you’re wondering, that thing on lead singer Josh Homme’s shirt is a sticker that says “I’m hotter.” I remember this episode well. It was back when people were saying that Home and Kilborn looked so alike they could be the same person, like Rosie O’Donnel and Orsen Wells.

Let’s see:


Maybe, ish. Who knows. It was so long ago and I was inebriated.


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