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Saskatoon: Day 1


Just finished my first day in Saskatoon and I have to say it isn’t at all what I expected. It seems like a really cool, albeit small place. It’s like Calgary, without the ego and all the wannabe snowboarders. Here are some early observations:

+ It’s cold. Real cold.
+ People are friendly, but chatty, i.e. “Yes hon, I know it’s cold. Read the blog.”
+ The streets are wider than I’ve ever seen. Almost feels like you should be in a gunfight when you’re crossing.
+ The prime rib is excellent.
+ They play classical music at all the transit stops. You’d think it would be to discourage loitering, but I can’t see who’d want to hang out at the bus stop when it’s -20 in the sun.
+ Cool mid-western architecture. Will try to post pics.

I walked into a few pubs hoping to find a seat at the bar for a few pints, but the regulars gave me the same types of looks I give strangers who walk into my local. Good to see patrons are just as territorial here as they are in Tah-rah-nah.

Guess I have to go to the lobby bar for my boo.


Lazy, but hillarious post

Don’t know why, but I decided to look for TV ads from New Zealand today. Lucky you.

Beer briefs

This Bud’s for Hindu
Anheuser-Busch inks a deal to sell Budweiser in India. And they thought British colonial rule was bad…

Fuck the war on terror
Residents of Oxford, Ohio have far greater woes. Apparently outdoor drinking games are fucking up shit in the community so much that council has been debating a ban at great length. Next order of business: lobby Ben & Jerry’s to re-name Vanilla ice cream Oxford, Ohio.

Hooters is asking for trouble
White trash and frat boys in the states are about to get a shot in the arm at their favourite eatery. Hooters will soon unveil its own line of energy drinks. As a bonus, real Hooters waitresses will be featured on the cans. I guess they don’t realize that it takes a strong-prescription set of beer goggles to make these ladies look good.

So long Sam…

Sam the Record Man

Was sad to read that the Sam the Record Man on Barrington St. in Halifax quietly closed for good on Tuesday. A big supporter of the local indie scene, this is where I bought my first Sloan, Eric’s Trip and Thrush Hermit cassettes. The store also employed a lot of local band members while they waited for their careers to take off — or fizzle.

Waiting in a frigid block-long lineup to get into their annual Boxing Day sale was another Halifax tradition. I think I still have the REM Out of Time CD that I bought for $3.99 during one of their door crasher specials.

It’s not really a shock, though. Nationwide, Sam has been on his way out for years and it’s just a matter of time before the flagship store on Yonge St. in Toronto does the same. The chain hasn’t been able to keep up with the “digital music revolution” and it was probably already hurting from the price war that HMV and Future Shop started years before.

Still, it was a Halifax institution and while it may have out-lived its purpose, the street won’t be the same without it. I’m glad I got to stop in one last time over the holidays to do some Christmas shopping — although I’ll always regret that that last album I ever bought there was Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong.

Shut up. It was for my mom.


Now I’m crying.

britney spears, natalie portman

So this is obviously a gimme for Natalie Portman, but lets do this just for kicks:

+ Natalie cut her hair to star in a hit movie. Britney cut her hair because she was tweaked.

+ Natalie went on to star in other hit movies. Britney went on to re-enter rehab, then bail, then… aw, who the hell who cares…

+ Natalie remains one of Hollywoods most watched stars. Britney remains one of Hollywoods most rediculous stars.

+ Natalie can’t sing. Britney can’t sing. Would be a draw if Britney would stop acting like she can.

+ Natalie can act. Britney can’t.

+ The state probably wants to give Natalie a star on the Walk of Fame. The state probably wants to take Britney’s kids away.

We could go on, but Natalie will still get all the points. The only thing these two have in common is that they’re both girls, but Britney will probably get a penis implanted and try a new career.

According to, Britney Spears has checked herself back into rehab — presumably to exercise whatever demons made her go bitchcakes this weekend.

And I say not a minute too soon. She was seriously starting to cramp my style.

Britney Spears

Get well soon, freak!

Guess who’s back…

lake louise, alberta, rockies

Got back from Calgary late last week. I would have posted something sooner, but I’ve been recovering from the huge 2-hour time difference and 4-day bender.
Had a nice trip, but it’s nice to be home in the ghetto. The lack of crack, and sirens on Cow Town’s clean city streets was a refreshing change at first, but eventually it felt like sitting on granny’s couch with the protective plastic still in place. It’s like, I’m not gonna pee on your coach again granny, so quit acting like I’m gonna.

Anyway. Here are some highlights.

+ Lots of Pilsner, Trad and Grasshopper.
+ Delicious steaks cooked perfectly on the grill. Thanks Mike.
+ Flames v. Avalanche in corporate box.
+ Fun, albeit painful ski day at Lake Louise.
+ Romantic Valentine’s prime rib dinner.
+ New Adidas, with no sales tax.
+ Late-night Wii tournaments. I need practice, but first I need a Wii.

Blinded by science and beer

British researchers have discovered how fugs get laid by breaking down the beer-goggles effect. Turns out it’s not just a made up excuse for frat boys who get caught in bed with their homely cousins.

Obviously, the amount of alcohol consumed plays a large role. However, according to the Manchester scientifics, a person’s eyesight when sober, bar lighting, and distance from the subject are also key factors in making Rosie O’Donnell look like Jessica Alba.

The funny part is the study was funded by eyecare product maker Bausch & Lomb — probably in preperation for a class action lawsuit from anyone who’s gone home with Britney Spears lately.

You’d think with all the millions she’s making Nelly Furtado would be able to hire a stylist, or at least get a trim at SuperCuts. Instead, she’s quickly becoming one of Canada’s most fashionably challenged.

Seriously. Is she at the Grammys? Or a job interview at Value Village? I hope she takes off the blindfold next time she walks through the closet.


No. 1 Grammy highlight

So last night’s Grammys were a disappointment. John Mayer winning an award for Best-Anything of the Year is a sign that music is in serious trouble. Dude is like Dave Matthews-light with prettier hair.

Anyway. In the absence of any real highlights from last night to share, I dug up one of my all-time favourite Grammy moments courtesy of the Wu-Tang Clan’s ODB. Remember,Wu-Tang Clan is for the children.