Salut from the belle province

I’m in Montreal — enjoying a bracing -25 degrees. Woot. Nothing kills a hangover like having all of your extremities lock up from the chill at once as you head for a coffee — which promptly turns into an iced cappuccino before you even get back.

Anyway, the ride up had to be the most interesting part. Via 1 totally tries to get you shitfaced on your way to wherever you’re going. They’re continuously pushing free  booze via a bar cart that circulates more than herbal viagra emails. The food was great and afterwards, more booze.

I’ll never be able to ride economy on the train again. The wireless internet didn’t work, but who had time to surf with all that booze goin’ round. Woot.


  1. cuzoogle

    whats going on in Montreal?

  2. Doing online training for the Montreal Gazette’s print editors. Spreading the gospel of online news. pass the poutine.Good times.

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