Guess who’s back…

lake louise, alberta, rockies

Got back from Calgary late last week. I would have posted something sooner, but I’ve been recovering from the huge 2-hour time difference and 4-day bender.
Had a nice trip, but it’s nice to be home in the ghetto. The lack of crack, and sirens on Cow Town’s clean city streets was a refreshing change at first, but eventually it felt like sitting on granny’s couch with the protective plastic still in place. It’s like, I’m not gonna pee on your coach again granny, so quit acting like I’m gonna.

Anyway. Here are some highlights.

+ Lots of Pilsner, Trad and Grasshopper.
+ Delicious steaks cooked perfectly on the grill. Thanks Mike.
+ Flames v. Avalanche in corporate box.
+ Fun, albeit painful ski day at Lake Louise.
+ Romantic Valentine’s prime rib dinner.
+ New Adidas, with no sales tax.
+ Late-night Wii tournaments. I need practice, but first I need a Wii.


  1. Don’t forget the hookers and blow. Or is that par for the course wherever you go?

    Oh, and I don’t know about Toronto, but in Calgary it’s called a couch. Coach’s are the people Andrew hires for motivation.

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