Beer briefs

This Bud’s for Hindu
Anheuser-Busch inks a deal to sell Budweiser in India. And they thought British colonial rule was bad…

Fuck the war on terror
Residents of Oxford, Ohio have far greater woes. Apparently outdoor drinking games are fucking up shit in the community so much that council has been debating a ban at great length. Next order of business: lobby Ben & Jerry’s to re-name Vanilla ice cream Oxford, Ohio.

Hooters is asking for trouble
White trash and frat boys in the states are about to get a shot in the arm at their favourite eatery. Hooters will soon unveil its own line of energy drinks. As a bonus, real Hooters waitresses will be featured on the cans. I guess they don’t realize that it takes a strong-prescription set of beer goggles to make these ladies look good.


  1. Katie

    relating a couple of themes, there’s talk that a Hooters will be opening up in Halifax this summer. Where will they put it, I wonder?

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