Saskatoon: Day 1


Just finished my first day in Saskatoon and I have to say it isn’t at all what I expected. It seems like a really cool, albeit small place. It’s like Calgary, without the ego and all the wannabe snowboarders. Here are some early observations:

+ It’s cold. Real cold.
+ People are friendly, but chatty, i.e. “Yes hon, I know it’s cold. Read the blog.”
+ The streets are wider than I’ve ever seen. Almost feels like you should be in a gunfight when you’re crossing.
+ The prime rib is excellent.
+ They play classical music at all the transit stops. You’d think it would be to discourage loitering, but I can’t see who’d want to hang out at the bus stop when it’s -20 in the sun.
+ Cool mid-western architecture. Will try to post pics.

I walked into a few pubs hoping to find a seat at the bar for a few pints, but the regulars gave me the same types of looks I give strangers who walk into my local. Good to see patrons are just as territorial here as they are in Tah-rah-nah.

Guess I have to go to the lobby bar for my boo.



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