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It figures. As soon as Nova Scotia would come up with a smart, edgy and humorous campaign to try to stem the flow of young workers heading out to Alberta they pull the plug on it, fearing that it might hurt Westerners’ feelings.

The “Delusional Calgaria” spot shows a transplanted maritimer’s friends and family staging an A&E like intervention to get the young lad to leave Calgary for a similar job back home in N.S. There’s nothing wrong with it. It seems once again, the tiny Maritime province is afraid to piss off its bigger, richer brothers — or in the case of Alberta — sister.

Here’s the clip:

As a transplanted Maritimer, I can honestly say this is a well-meaning spot — but the promise of a career and lifestyle that’s equal to or better than Calgary in Halifax is horseshit. I’ve been in Calgary for a week and I can see why Haligonians would want to move here. Tripple the salary, your pick of jobs, sloots and beer. Sure there’s no ocean, but there’s big, honkin’ mountains.

Still, I’m sad that Nova Scotia still hasn’t grown a pair big enough to let a harmless little ad campaign run.

Hurray! Toronto police caught the notorious Parkdale purse snatcher. You can’t go stealing grannies’ purses in P-dale without the full might of Toronto’s finest coming down on your ass. But, although this “coward” is off the street, there are a few fellons still at large. Here are the ones that I know within two blocks of my place:

+ The crack-buyer-and-smoker-behind-my-house, 18 of. The fact that they yell at each other over who got the bigger rock at 3 a.m. is a crime in itself.

+ The garbage-can-kicker-over. Apparently neatly stored trash is this vigilante’s enemy.

+ The public-urinator, quantity unknown. My neighbour’s stoop might technically be private property — but I still don’t think you should be peeing on it.

+ The Parkdale Public Pooper. The public-urinator’s more brazen cousin. Granted there might not be a poop-and-scoop law for humans on the book, I still think this guy should be arrested for what he does to the neighbourhood sidewalks.

+ The Hamburgler. I swear to god he exists. I saw him booking out of the King/Dufferin McDonalds — only instead of a mask and cape, he had track marks and Zubaz pants.

I imagine there’s a police task force in place for these perps. Hopefully we see some results soon.

The weekend plan


Heading to Fernie, B.C. this weekend for a little skiing, beer and relaxation. That’s right — 48 hours of powder, pints and ski bunnies. Ah, ski bunnies… delicious sloots wrapped in fleece and gore-tex.

Five o’clock can’t come fast enough.


Calgary: Day 5

I’m in Calgary, beat and a little drunk, so I’m not even gonna try. I lost my shit to these clips earlier though.

From grunge to grungy

She might not have killed Kurt Cobain, but this pic of Courtney Love on the beach has killed any erection I might have had in the next calendar year. This is first-degree gross. Where’s McGruff the Crime Dog when you need him?


Saw 300 last night and I have to say, I thought it was the most disturbing and depraved thing I’ve ever seen. I want the 1300 cents back I wasted on that piece of crap. The violence was over the top — and did we really need to see so many bare bosoms?

And I’m never going to Greece — leather speedos and red capes?! As if.

I think people are better off with the PG-13 version:

Just kidding. 300 was totally dope. But it could have used more tits. Woot.

nakedJenna Fischer naked, nude, no clothes

This time on the cover of Wired magazine. JustJared has more pics, but the cover is the best shot by far. For those of you who don’t know, Jenna Fischer is the hot and talented actress who plays Pam Beesly on The Office.

This is great. I pick up Wired every month anyway — I just don’t normally have a reason to laminate it. Woot.

Here’s Jenna on the show and posing in an issue of Jane magazine last year.



I made this interesting discovery yesterday when a friend who’s over there teaching tried to check out the blog. He emailed saying the site is blocked where he’s located. I verified this using GreatFireWallofChina and sure enough, it came back with the same result. Woot.

It’s not exactly an exclusive club, though. China blocks or censors any foreign site that’s deemed subversive or counter to their communist ideals. Yahoo and Google are allowed in, but only because they agreed to filter their search returns to leave out black-listed sites — dicks.

Not that I give a shit about people reading this in the People’s Republic anyway. I’m just surprised that insignificant blogs like this would end up being blocked. Their filters are probably pretty rigid and ban anything that focuses too much on T&A, boozing and how Mao Tse-Tung was a total bitch.

That’s right. I said it. And Premier Wen Jiabao can get fucked too.

There China, now you have a reason.

Here’s Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley.
More pics

I’ve always said that the fear of being ridiculed is the highest form of motivation. This goes double for teens.

Sure, the victims of Paris and Nicole’s counseling will be traumatized years from now — but they won’t be fatties.