That’s better…

The people have spoken, and for once I agree with them. This is the best layout for the page and I will not screw around with it anymore.

Back to it. Here’s a pic I just found. I took it when we visited L.A. last year during Coachella. We were trying not stick out as tourists by taking a lot of photos — although now that I look back, aside from hookers, the only people who seem to go to Hollywood Blvd. are tourists. Saw a bunch of cool ones — Johnny Cash, Steve McQueen, Lassie — but this is the one I snapped. I must have still been inebriated.




  1. Jacob

    Spread your tiny wings and fly away… Being inebriated is still no excuse for snapping a photo of “Aitken” Annie’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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