Going to Lollapalooza. Woot!

Hey Kids. It pays to sign up for updates from your favourite groups and event organizers. This morning, for example, I got an email from Lollapalooza that let me buy a 3-day festival pass for $60 flat. Last year, it cost like $75 a day. And all because I signed up for updates.

And that’s one to grow on. Woot.

No official announcement yet on a lineup. I’ve heard rumours that it could be anyone from Rage Against the Machine to Beastie Boys to Smashing Pumpkins amd Pearl Jam. None of those would surprise me, though. Organizers like to visit the ghost of Lollapalooza past for lineup inspiration, like last summer when they had Flaming Lips, Ween and Red Hot Chili Peppers on the main stages.

Whatever it ends up being, you’ll find me in Chicago from Aug 3-5.


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