Beer and News banned in China


I made this interesting discovery yesterday when a friend who’s over there teaching tried to check out the blog. He emailed saying the site is blocked where he’s located. I verified this using GreatFireWallofChina and sure enough, it came back with the same result. Woot.

It’s not exactly an exclusive club, though. China blocks or censors any foreign site that’s deemed subversive or counter to their communist ideals. Yahoo and Google are allowed in, but only because they agreed to filter their search returns to leave out black-listed sites — dicks.

Not that I give a shit about people reading this in the People’s Republic anyway. I’m just surprised that insignificant blogs like this would end up being blocked. Their filters are probably pretty rigid and ban anything that focuses too much on T&A, boozing and how Mao Tse-Tung was a total bitch.

That’s right. I said it. And Premier Wen Jiabao can get fucked too.

There China, now you have a reason.


  1. Hey, me too! I never would have pegged myself as a subversive. It’s probably because I link to you.

  2. That site is fake. Every site that is even Chinese is blocked. My site is somehow blocked and it has been up for 3 days. This site is totally bogus and it’s posted all over their forums. Yes, I agree with you about how fucked up it is to censor shit in china, but the site isn’t even legit.

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