Maritimes are too nice

It figures. As soon as Nova Scotia would come up with a smart, edgy and humorous campaign to try to stem the flow of young workers heading out to Alberta they pull the plug on it, fearing that it might hurt Westerners’ feelings.

The “Delusional Calgaria” spot shows a transplanted maritimer’s friends and family staging an A&E like intervention to get the young lad to leave Calgary for a similar job back home in N.S. There’s nothing wrong with it. It seems once again, the tiny Maritime province is afraid to piss off its bigger, richer brothers — or in the case of Alberta — sister.

Here’s the clip:

As a transplanted Maritimer, I can honestly say this is a well-meaning spot — but the promise of a career and lifestyle that’s equal to or better than Calgary in Halifax is horseshit. I’ve been in Calgary for a week and I can see why Haligonians would want to move here. Tripple the salary, your pick of jobs, sloots and beer. Sure there’s no ocean, but there’s big, honkin’ mountains.

Still, I’m sad that Nova Scotia still hasn’t grown a pair big enough to let a harmless little ad campaign run.


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