Requiem for a new TV

This week was going so well. I was back in the office, happy — you might even say chipper — to be back in my routine after nearly two weeks of business travel. Also, I knew that a brand new 27″-inch Sony flat-screen was on its way to my house and that I was just days, maybe hours away from a new era of crisp, wide-screen TV enjoyment. That is until I got home last night and realized that the new TV I bought online over the weekend will never make it to my living room.

It seems Purolator’s version of shipping is a lot different than the common understanding of the word. Instead of contacting the customer and arranging an ideal time for a package to arrive, they show up un-announced and leave a sticky note on your door explaining how you missed them and if you want your package, you better come get it yourself within 5 business days.

The shipping agent I contacted verified that the TV is sitting in a warehouse in the suburban wilds of Etobicoke and that unless I was able to be home between 9 am – 5 pm sometime this week to receive it, I would have to pick it up myself. I explained that I don’t have a car and that I do have a job so neither option worked for me. All he could recommend is that I hire a taxi or another courrier service to come pick it up and deliver it to me when I’m home, an option that would inflate the price even more and defeat the purpose.

The Future Shop customer service rep I talked to this morning was understanding, but unable to help. You could tell he’d heard this sad tale before and he could only offer one ending for it — my account will be credited, sans shipping fee, after Purolator sends the TV back to their warehouse.

Alas, sitting in a box in one warehouse or another is no way for a TV live. They need to be placed on a pedestal, dusted and cared for. So it’s with great sadness that I will acquiesce and let Purolator ship my set back to Future Shop and hope that some other lucky person orders it and successfully gets it home.

Unless someone has a car they can lend me…

In that case, call me. You will be rewarded with beer and the honour of joining me for the inaugural porno.


  1. cuzoogle

    ah I feel your pain, a few years ago this happened with a computer I bought. I ended up having to take a day off work just to wait around for the stupid puralator guy.

    it is the dumbest system ever.

  2. mat

    Purolator Fuckers.. That’s what happened to me with a computer I bought.
    They don’t ship to your house, all they do is ship the store a little closer to your house.

  3. puroguy

    you guys all bitch at the wrong company, puroator has not changed their delivery process in years. Futur Shop knows how purolator works and they continue to play dumb when clients like yourself call to complain, if they would h\just explain to their customers how thing work for delivery maybe you could have made some kind of arangement to be home of something else

  4. Whatever guy. Real courrier companies deliver outside the hours of 9 am – 5 pm and make proper arrangements with customers.

    Future Shops only mistake is using such a bullshit service.

    Get real.

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