Ted Leo fuggin’ rocks

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists kicked my ass last night with their Mod Club gig. Not only did he rock for like two hours straight, he also hates the Toronto Raptors which is always worth points in my book.

The thing that sucked though, was all these hipster scenester assholes who spent the whole show walking back and forth from the stage as if there was some other hot band playing somewhere else in the room. It’s an annoying Toronto phenomena and I can only guess it’s because these bearded button-lapelled indie wannabes don’t really like the music, just the scene.

Perhaps I’ll rent a hall and say Interpol’s playing. These fuckers will show up and not even care if the band goes on — as long as there’s a room full of try-hards to talk to about what new bands suck. That’s when I break out the firehose.

Like the mighty Sloan once said, “It’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans.”


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