The search for the worst Canadian

In a survey that many have dubbed the search for the most hated Canadian, Canadian history magazine The Beaver is asking readers to nominate their picks for worst Canadian ever.

I say it’s about time. Canadians have become a bit smug lately because of our international image as a safe, friendly and peace-loving nation that doesn’t involve itself in unjust wars, oil exploitation (outside it’s own borders, anyay) or have any national embarassments — think Imus, O’Reilly, Wolfowitz.

This of course is total bullshit. We have our fair share of a-holes, so I applaud The Beaver’s campaign to shine a bit of light on our ugly side.

And that’s why I’d like to nominate myself as a prime cadidate for biggest dick in Canada. I’ve already pissed off Cape Breton, most of Quebec and Edmonton — now I’m aiming for the rest of the nation.  Here are some points to consider.

+ Secretely, I’ve always thought hockey was kind of boring.

+ I voted for Stephen Harper, twice.

+ I once kicked a beaver in the ass.

Voting ends June 1, so make your choice soon.



  1. cuzoogle

    I will vote for you simply for having two kinds of beer on the go at the same time.

  2. I had actually voted for you before I saw your campaign poster. Consider the race won, game over Canada.

    “Fifty is nifty and Alpine is fine, but I’d sooner have a Schooner…” -some random jerk (probably DrewMac)

  3. cathy

    hi drew, got my vote. what a title that would be! if you win, you should get a special black sash made.

  4. Thanks everyone for your support.

    I can explain the multi-beers. It was my birthday and I managed to keep two going at all times, but people kept buying me different ones. Kyle did a good job of buying 50, but otherwise people were all over the map.

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