Google maps a sense of humor

Every year about this time I start thinking that I should head to Munich for Oktoberfest in September and finally enjoy an authentic bender, or “bieger”, as they say in ze fatherland. Of course, in a few days I will realize that such a trip will eat up my entire Q4 booze budget and I’ll settle for drinking in a pile of dead leaves come fall — like I usually do.

Until then, I’m going to go about planning the trip until the 4-figure cost reality sets in. Today I google mapped a route from Canada to Munich and dicovered that Google Maps applies a sarcastic brand of logic for any requests for trans-Atlantic directions. Apparently, I’m supposed to travel to a specific wharf in Boston and swim.


Boy, I’ll betcha if you googled “clever” you’d probably get Google as the No. 1 search return.



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