See you in Chicago Amy

Due to a combination of funding (concert tix are getting pricey) and scheduling (mostly work-related) I’ve been going to fewer and fewer rock shows lately — which is why I get pissed when I miss a show I really should’ve found a way to see. Judging by the review on the Torontoist, Amy Winehouse’s sold out gig at the Mod Club, Sunday was one of these shows. Dammit.

Not only do I like to support my fellow functional alcoholics, but I’ve really gotten into her latest album Back to Black. Sure, the intros to most of the tracks make you think you’re about to hear a Supremes or Otis Redding tune, but Winehouse’s lyrics make up for the lack of creativity in the melody. I’m still grateful for the introduction of the word “fuckery” to my vocabulary thanks to “Me and Mr. Jones.”

Fortunately, she’s playing Lollapalooza this year, so I’ll get a chance to check her out there. Woot.

Here’s a kind of decent interview with Winehouse from Exclaim! Would have been nice to have a few more original questions about her being a raging booze hound and a few less of the boiler plate crap that’s been written a million times. Whatevs.


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