Pints and punts: Toronto FC takes on D.C. United

Toronto FC

Had a good time attending my very first Toronto FC match Saturday — despite the home team’s 2-1 loss. The BMO Field facilities are pretty nice — albeit flimsy. You get a great view of the city and Lake Ontario if you sit on the western bleachers. However, you could probably dismantle the whole joint in a weekend with a power drill if you wanted. Seriously, it feels like it’s made out of the shitty backyard shed your creepy uncle used to lock you in.

I’m guessing whoever built the thing ended up with a big bag of loose parts at the end of the job. Should have called IKEA.

Gameplay was fast and skilled, although players lacked the discipline and patience you see in European leagues. Still, for $25 it’s a nice way to spend the afternoon — as long as you’re ready to tack on the $25+ for adequate beer consumption. I hope next time I go we see this referee calling the game:


  1. cuzoogle

    when I heard you went I was hoping u took your camera.

    I want to go to a game and try one of the french fry sandwiches, chicken roti’s and of course the beer.


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