Capital city boozin and snoozin


Spent an enjoyable weekend in Ottawa. The place doesn’t rock, but it does tap it’s feet in time and shake it now and then — which is more than Regina can say. The new war museum kicks ass. That’s me in front of a Leopard tank up top. Unfortunately there were signs everywhere saying you couldn’t climb on the armoured vehicles — just another situation where I wish I wasen’t literacied.

Downtown Ottawa has way more patios than Toronto. Most of them are attached to crappy Irish pubs, but the sloots in kilts make it worth it.


+ Patio boozin’
+ Reuben sandwhich
+ Front porch boozin’
+ Bushtukah
+ New National War Museum
+ Spicy hashbrowns at the Diner
+ Marathon weekend meant tons of sloots in Lululemon and TNA


+ You can’t climb on tanks at the war museum
+ Turns out we didn’t win Korean War
+ AK-47 for “display purposes only” at the war museum
+ Freaks and children at Westboro Starbucks
+ Tullips


  1. What kind of war museum doesn’t let you play with the implements? How else will we learn?

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