Jenna Fischer gets her freak on in Canada

I know this is an older promo still from a crappy movie [Blades of Glory], but what I never noticed before was the view of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium out the hotel window. I guess I was busy admiring my favorite TV receptionist in a very un-Pam-like outfit. I’ve always said that ladies are sexier in Montreal and this is proof that it isn’t just the booze talking.

Jenna Fisher is sexy in Montreal


  1. Lucas

    She is hot :O

  2. mat

    jenna fischer is incredibly hot, but blades of glory is a fricken halarious movie, what the F*** is this author talking about, they must be a 45 year old virgin living in their parents basementm dissing the movies his mommy won’t let him see

  3. pekka

    Jenna Fisher is so HOT!!!!

  4. dude, you sound kind of gay talking about the stadium outside the window instead of the chick. i’m just sayin’….

  5. PDub

    What window???

  6. dfadsf

    she so sexy and hot i wish she would strip out of her cloths and get nacked

  7. hi jenna fisher my name is maria

    i live in new york with my grandma.

    i love the office your a good actress

    can i meet you someday

    i love blades of glory

    your fan maria

  8. beN sizi anlamıyorum hangi hangi dilce bu?:D

  9. alugust

    I need more research

  10. jesse

    she’s so sexy she can beat megan fox any day

  11. moose69

    What movie? What window? I’d have to lick that for a while!A looong while!

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